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Here is an excerpt from an articles by Todd Stweart featuring Castaway.

Don’t leave Marathon without hitting Castaway Waterfront Restaurant. Built in 1951, and purchased by John and Arlene Mirabella in 1999, it’s a seafood lovers’ nirvana. While you can have menu items cooked any way you please, I opt for raw, as I’ve always thought this was the best way to really experience the ocean-fresh flavor of ocean-fresh fish. While some of the usual suspects (snapper, salmon, tuna and the like) wind up in front of me, what really catches (ahem) my eye is the lionfish — that previously mentioned pesky non-indigenous invader from the east.
They may look pretty, but the fish’s spines contain a particularly nasty venom that, in some cases, can be fatal to humans. Unless, of course, the human strikes first. Behold: lionfish sashimi. Fairly mild, slightly buttery and with a taste not unlike a cross between lobster and shrimp. Definitely a new experience for me.

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